White Spider Magic Mushroom Strain

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It is one of the many strains of magic mushrooms, it is well known for its moderate effect on the body. Little is known about the origin of this strain of magic mushroom, however, what we know is that it is one of the mutated strains of magic mushroom.

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White Spider Magic Mushroom in Canada

Buy White Spider Magic Mushroom Online in Canada

What is the White Spider Magic Mushroom?

It is a recent strain of Psilocybe cubensis that was discovered in 2007. It was discovered in Xico, Mexico by someone on the Shroomery board. However, it was popularized by Alan Rockefeller who is a renowned Mushroom cultivator. Because it is a recent strain that was just discovered in 2007 not much of it is available for sale. However, you can trust us to have it as we cultivated these Products ourselves. We can assure you that you will never be disappointed with this product.

Buy Shrooms Online in Canada.

What are the effects of the White Spider Magic Mushroom?

White Spider Magic Mushroom has a variety of effects on the body. The effects of this mushroom cover both physical and mental aspects of the body. Here is the breakdown of the effects.

Effects on the Physical body
White Spider Magic Mushroom help increase energy
It causes sedation.
It produces a synesthetic effect that leads to some form of altered perception
It causes euphoria

Mental Effects
White Spider Magic Mushroom will increase focus and concentration
White Spider Magic Mushroom produces social stimulation
It helps in relaxing the body
Helps to create introspection
It is therapeutic as it can be used to treat depression and anxiety

How Strong are the Effects of White Spider Magic Mushroom?

White Spider Magic Mushroom has tremendous potency, using it for spiritual or psychedelic trips will last between 2-4 hours. The intensity of the dose will affect the duration and the intensity of the effect.

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How to take White Spider Magic Mushroom (Dosage)

White Spider Magic Mushroom is a potent strain of psychedelic magic mushrooms and so this Shroom should never be underestimated even though they appear small. This is why we caution newbies to be careful with this magic mushroom. To be on the safe side and avoid overdose, follow these dosage charts meticulously for the best experience. As an extra note of caution, wait for at least 45 minutes before increasing the dose for more powerful effects.

Dosage requirement

Micro: 0.25 gram: Microdose regiment (For therapeutic use)

Low: 0.25 – 1 gram: Low psychedelic effect recommended for newbies

Medium: 1 – 2 grams: Improved psychedelic effects

Strong: 2.5 – 5 grams: Strong psychedelic effect for experienced psychonauts

Heavy: 5 grams and upwards: Heavy regiment for spiritual dose, recommended for highly experienced psychonauts

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